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PureWeb Securities CCTV Solutions offers a comprehensive free on-site survey and consultation service in Nigeria for the supply and installation of commercial grade surveillance systems.

We encourage clients to choose professional supply and installation in most cases because of the following advantages:

  • We can recommend the best product for what the client wants to achieve
  • We can identify any environmental challenges that may affect performance
  • We can ensure product is installed and adjusted for optimal performance
  • Professional installation ensures good cabling and connections are used
  • Professional installation is carried out by experienced, qualified and licenced CCTV technicians.

Why we do a site survey

The purpose of the on site survey and consultation is to discuss the security requirements with you, identify the best placement for the CCTV cameras, identify cable run lengths, the direction of the natural light, and to identify potential and actual environmental problems.

After talking with you and completing the site survey we provide a full written quote and site plan.

When completing the site survey some of the areas we look at include:

  • The purpose(s) of the surveillance
  • What zones or objects require surveillance
  • What activity or threat is to be monitored or recorded
  • What times of day activity is expected and/or recording is required
  • Whether megapixel IP or analogue CCTV equipment would perform best in the environment
  • Image resolution required
  • The selection of cameras and equipment that will best perform in the environment
  • How many cameras are needed at what location
  • Existing lighting and whether additional illumination including the use of infrared cameras or illuminators is needed
  • Any challenges to installation from a visual review of the premises
  • What cable runs will be required and if capping is needed
  • How images will be viewed and recorded
  • How data will be accessed and stored permanently
  • Who will have access to the live and recorded data
  • The secure location and configuration of the DVR and other control equipment
  • What you will need to do in order to prepare for remote access if required
  • What response is required on detection of an event
  • Whether additional services such as guard response, alarm monitoring or access control are required
  • Possible ongoing maintenance and service schedules
  • Take into account any future proofing of the system if possible.

Installation planning

When recommending product we ensure installation follows the manufacturer’s recommendations. We also assess the environmental conditions in which the security equipment will operate. For example the foliage change from season to season, or the daily and seasonal variations in light and climate can all affect the product’s performance.

The installation timetable is planned with you to minimise disruption. Out of hours installation can also be arranged if required. We also consider all relevant health and safety requirements as these can vary with the nature of the premises.

Installation is carried out by technicians who are qualified to the appropriate level and registered with the appropriate Nigerian Security bodies. Installation includes the set up of the system. An inspection is carried out and documented on completion of installation.

Regular preventative maintenance or servicing should be carried out to ensure that the CCTV system performs to the same level as on hand-over of the system.

If you would like to know more, or to book your on site consultation please contact us or call on 07066874738.

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